Monday, 8 May 2017

Pop! Vinyls...

So anyone close to me knows that me and Shaunna have a vast collection of Pop! Vinyls...Disney, Movies, TV, you name it and we have a Pop! (Or several).

I've found myself thinking the past week or so that I may foray into the world of Custom Pop! Vinyl's, mainly Fallout one's to get me started.

Thinking that repainting various Power Armour Pops to match the in-game paint schemes would be really cool and a nice change of pace from Warhammer and may open doors into a new medium of painting and potentially give me a solid start in sculpting!

Keep your eyes peeled for that after Victory is Vengeance and hopefully it may be the start of something fun!

Cheers, Ben

Instagram: Vermilion Painting

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